Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Lupine Noir

Tell me Black Wolf, what do you see?

Do you sense my empathy, do you understand me?

Tell me my Lupine, when you howl at the moon

Who are you kidding? Will you howl at me soon?

Run fast, my Lupine, your enemies draw near

Despite all your howling, is it Us that you fear?

Your pack is around you, your strength knows no rest

Run with me, my Lupine, your power you know best

Do you run with me now, Wolfheart beating in chest?

You see through the nonsense, the rubbish, the fear

You lunge through the night with no halt or no fear

The Vulpine will step back, will bow down as you glide

The others will crouch down, will tremble, will hide

What now for the Alpha, what track lies ahead

The game trail grows narrow, a scentiful thread

The world is so small now, your lands are forfeit

Nought left to hunt for, scratch hard in the grit

Hark! to me, Lord Lupine, your time yet may come

When wolf holds supreme and the rest are undone

As humankind passes, our arrogance spent

And Gaia rejoices, and as Nature meant

to restore law and order, in Her sylvan day

And resurge all her bounty, her true unique way

The wolf will once more, her head it will rise

To howl at the sky, a keening surprise

Give thanks for the moonrise, the sign that all's well

That the Universe turns, 'spite Heaven or Hell.

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