Monday, 26 March 2012

From The Heart

My heart lies in the West
It dances with the dolphins at Daymer Bay,
Swims with the seals in the seas of Scilly,
It walks the clouded cwms of Cymru,
The wind-whipped peak of Wyddfa,
And sits above the marsh at Minions,
Enveloping the mystic Moor.
My heart thumps faster in the West
It aches for secret sands,
Strolls the beach at Bossiney,
And rolls with the raven at Willapark.
My heart lies pregnant with the vales,
The hills, the sylvan river banks,
Winding, like the Wye, through wistful Wales,
Calling, like the chough, for Celtic Cornwall,
Billowing, like the breeze, on a towering Tor,
Rising, from the earth, as the gift of Sulis' spring.
Shrouded in the ancient past,
As sheer as Silbury's slopes,
My heart lies in the West.

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