Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Dolphins In The Bay

'There are dolphins in the Bay!'
There are ravens in the sky.
There's a rainbow on the moorlands
There are Perseids flashing by.
There's a Poet in the churchyard
Behind the shifting sands
There's a carving in the Valley
Water flows through speckled bands.
There's a tin mine on the skyline
In solitude it rests
There are choughs inside their coddled cage
In safety they will nest.
There are embers in the campfire
There are pirates at the Inn
There is comfort in the Cobweb
Where the raging floods have been.
There are spiders at the springhead
There are buzzards at the door,
There's a steamboat down at Fowey
There are starfish on the shore.
There's a castle on the headland
Where a King of legend dwelt,
Or so Lord Alfred told us
When he lionised the Celt.
There are pasties in the morning
There are cream teas every day,
There are kayaks in the harbour
There are dolphins in the bay!

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