Friday, 28 February 2014

The Rise Of The Summer Sea

The leaden mass descends upon the trembling land,
The Summer Sea expands to pour its challenge.
See - Nature swelling forth to claim her own,
To sneer, to cheer, to snatch Her quivering throne.

The constant whisper, ever-rustling rain
Quietly state, 'Let's dance the dance again,
'You think you cannot be perverted,
'Overwhelmed, defeated, or subverted.
'You cannot halt the world from turning,
'And I shall not cease you from burning.'

The levels bloat, and people stare surprised,
Why should they? It is, we can surmise,
The Natural Order, that water should prevail
Across a once-dredged land, dammed and damned,
Why shock when Will should fail?
And where I live, I trudge through blackened fronds,
Slip past the sludge, to peer at swirling ponds.

Yet still, the deluge rises unabated
Not to rest 'til Gaia be full sated.
They wail and cry, oh why oh why,
And She calls back, with melodic sigh,
Why shouldn't I?

The leaden mass has shown the right of might,
Has shown us that we cannot win this fight,
And yet... we mock and jeer and crow
That we will win.
'Maybe tomorrow'.

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