Friday, 8 January 2016

Jack In The Night

His shimmering tendrils creep across the dawn-drenched field,
Ivory fingers probing at the stiffening clay.
He smears the windows with his foliate kisses,
Softens to dew under the warmth of day.
Jack in the night, sheets of shivering silver,
Moonlight glow, show iridescent earth.
Jack in the night, gives me rhyme from rime,
With cutting-edge breeze and crackling turf.
Your touch, Mister Frost, causes petals to crinkle,
Makes mist of breath, makes goosebumps rise.
Your arctic caress means the water will tighten,
As the stars crawl across and the screech owl cries.
Jack in the night, chilling Candlemas guest,
Diaphanous narrator of a Winter's tale.
Jack in the night, fade with mellow sun rising,
Leaving streak-like tears, and a morning so pale.

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